Drawing on a heritage of innovation and a love for the sea, Sperry, the iconic American footwear brand, known for creating the original boat shoe, is launching an on-going sustainability platform, Look Good. Do Good.  The brand is introducing a new collection of shoes for men, women and kids for Spring 2019, made with BIONIC® material, spun from plastic recovered from marine and coastal environments. A selection of best- loved silhouettes – Sperry’s Authentic Original boat shoe; the Captain’s CVO, and the women’s Crest Vibe sneaker, draw on Sperry’s sailing roots, featuring materials and styling inspired by vibrant, multi-colored sailboat sails with patchwork pieces and stitching details. The collection’s packaging features eco-friendly innovations: shoe boxes are made from 100% recycled paper material, and only with vegetable ink and water-based glue.

To educate people on ways they can help protect the environment by reducing their use of plastic, Sperry and Waterkeeper Alliance are partnering on a voice-controlled experience which works via Amazon Echo smart speaker devices.  The skill, called Sperry Waterkeeper, is activated through Amazon’s voice-controlled virtual assistant service Alexa. When prompted, Sperry Waterkeeper will offer a range of actionable, every day tips for using less plastic. Such reminders include carrying a reusable water bottle and eliminating the use of plastic straws.

BIONIC® sets up recycling facilities and organizes beach clean ups around the world with NGO partner Waterkeeper Alliance. Sperry’s support of their mission will help raise awareness for the issue of ocean pollution, sponsor beach clean ups to help reduce the 8 million tons of plastic that enter our oceans each year and transform tons of marine and coastal plastic into shoes.

“We are a brand born of the sea. It is our duty to get involved and protect the waterways that stretch across the globe and connect us all. We are proud to work with BIONIC® and Waterkeeper Alliance,” says Kate Minner, CMO, Sperry.