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JJ Miller Director / Photography

I am passionate about many things but the top three are film, photography and sports,

hands down. That’s why I feel like the luckiest person around to get to

incorporate them both in what I do everyday.

I’m a former college athlete, playing baseball at Barton College while spending

summers playing in both Texas Collegiate League and Great Lakes Collegiate

League. While playing baseball at Barton and studying photography and graphic

design, I was awarded the Murphy Osborne award, recognizing the best

combination of athletics and academic studies.

With this dual background, I am able to look through the lens as an athlete and

draw upon the emotion of the experience to develop complete creative concepts.

My expertise is in both video and still photography for clients such as Reebok,

New Balance, Asics and Warrior (to name few). In addition, I approach a broader

range of clients like Sperry, Leslie Pools, and Mt. Sinai Hospital in the same way.

Just like with competitive sports, it’s the challenge for perfection, the strive for

“the win”, and the need to “pull out all of the stops” that insures I always deliver

an impeccable finished product for all of my clients. The end deliverable is one,

which incorporates their vision combined with creative innovation and skill.

Having that competitive edge comes out in both my professional life, as well as

personally. I never sit still and insure I always keep moving. When not heading off

to a shoot or on location, I can be found on the slopes or with a surfboard on my

back. Nightly concept sketching and editing sessions are the norm and I wouldn’t

have it any other way. I call Boston my home, but can be found with camera in

hand all over the country and I love it all!

JJ Miller Photography

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